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A Child in Translation

A Child in Translation is a deeply personal autobiographic narrative about growing up in Soviet Ukraine that delivers a vivid picture of life in a part of the world most outsiders have never thought about. Please meet Maria from the Ukraine. She came to the West as an alien, bringing with her a childhood yet to be defined by translation.

Big Little Change

Most people are convinced that in order to propagate truly meaningful, fundamental changes in the world, one must do something monumental. 
In Big Little Change, the authors address the topic one step at a time. Discover how to divide your life into manageable segments, find small things you can change in each segment to improve quality of life for yourself and others, and discipline yourself to do these things regularly, in order to go from overcoming small challenges to initiating big changes.

Big Little Change: the Journey Continues

A year ago we gave you 52 weekly small change challenges to initiate and promote seemingly minor changes capable of yielding significant results toward improving ourselves, our lives, and the world around us. Ever since then, we've been hard at work and came up with 52 more. Enjoy!

Elemental Tales and Other Unusual Adventures

Elementals, superheroes, geeks and vampires - everything is fair game in the science fiction and fantasy anthology by Maria K. In additio n to the old favorites like The SHIELD and The Elemental Task, the collection includes a brand new tale The Bookstore on the Corner of Wickers and 4th.
Elemental Task (Elemental Tales - part one)

Just when you think you are settled comfortably in your career, you get the most peculiar job offer in your life. Megan Buchanan is a project analyst. She is not considering a career change. Until one evening she is offered to become an elemental.

Elemental Dance (Elemental Tales - part two)

When disaster strikes, all they can do is dance.

The elementals are superior beings who help take care of every aspect of our environment. When a major natural disaster strikes, they find themselves short on workforce, as some of their own make matters worse.

Elemental Birth (Elemental Tales - part three)

Smirk the hiring gnome wreaks havoc for his superiors once again, when he accidentally rescues two spirits - a human and her dog.

Elemental Mess (Elemental Tales - part four)

A new force arises in the elemental universe and immediately turns it all upside down. It is unpredictable. It is powerful. It is alarmingly intelligent. It's ... a gnome.

La Gioconda Alternative

What begins as a mugging investigation ends up as a foray into the realm of the impossible for two Seattle detectives.

Limited Time for Tomato Soup

They don't alter the past. They don't spy on the future. Yet, even a very cautious time travel research leaves plenty of room to get into trouble.

Time, Limited is a foremost authority on space and time research. Wary of the time travel-related doomsday scenarios described by science fiction writers, the employees of the company take every precaution imaginable and move forward carefully as slowly.

But when a critical experiment is threatened by a natural disaster, even the best-laid precautions go tumbling down, and the nerds have to think on their feet to protect the research and ensure the company's recovery.

Madam Enigma

Imagine an alternative Earth, where elves, imps, demons, and extraterrestrials coexist within the bounds of an unimaginably diverse, complex, and intricately structured society.

The socialites are content with their relatively carefree existence filled with amusement, scheming, and gossip, until a mysterious circus performer arrives on the scene and challenges both the laws of physics and the core traditions of her world.
A Foray Into the Alps (Nightmare Hunters - part one)

After a prolonged battle with a strange sleep disorder, Philip Stokes becomes one of the patients at IRIS - International Research Institute of Sleep. He comes to realize even this exclusive institution doesn't have all the answers, and sometimes, its highly capable specialists must rely on unconventional expertise to solve their patients' problems.

Life Doesn't Suck (Nightmare Hunters - part two)

International Research Institute of Sleep (IRIS) is the last resort for patients seeking a good night's sleep. When an odd sleep disorder epidemic flares up in multiple locations around the world, IRIS must call on its secret weapon - a group of sleep experts unafraid to look for answers beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.

The Little Lost Soul (Nightmare Hunters - part three)

Accustomed to dealing with the stuff of nightmares, the Nightmare Hunters are stomped as they unravel a mess caused by an ordinarily harmless entity.

Shells on the Beach

A new anthology by writer and translator Maria K., including all three Nightmare Hunters stories, holiday specials Yuletide with Meem and Madam Enigma, and a brand new tale A Mermaid's Song.
Stories for Anastasia

Welcome to our household! Who needs psychological thrillers and explosive blockbusters? Take a couple of book-crazy, martial arts-trained technology geeks, add a few homeless animals, mix thoroughly in one very old house - and you have a recipe for an exciting life. Enjoy!

The Binge

THE BINGE is more than just a cookbook. It is an endlessly amusing, semi-biographical, all-around irreverent discussion of all things food with a stack of delicious recipes thrown in for good measure

The Handlers

New Orleans, Louisiana, 1854. One slave-woman takes a stand to free her family from servitude. When heaven offers no comfort, she turns to a different kind of authority.

The Passage

Two continents, divided. Two lands, honoring their heritage to ensure the wellbeing and prosperity of their people. One tradition to keep them all going.


Once upon a time, shields were meant to protect. This is not one of them.

An exciting new technology with limitless entertainment possibilities turns out to be a lot more than anyone had bargained for.

Virtually Perfect

Surrounded by close buddies offering toasts and congratulations on the upcoming nupitals, along with sly comments about the bottom line, Sam Horton discovers more might be at stake than a transaction. It takes two to consolidate, but when the other one turns into Bridezilla, Sam’s about to experience a lesson in fortitude and empathy.

Technology takes a strange turn when role playing ups the ante and makes walking in others’ shoes a tough lesson to swallow.

Whispers in the Mist

A homage to Death and the Lady by Judith Tarr and a modern fantasy, Whispers in the Mist nevertheless poses a question, very much present in reality - if you could go back to your roots at the cost of losing what you have become, would you?
Yuletide With Meem

On the eve of a holiday, while most households prepare for a celebration, one family is faced with a separation, possibly forever. Their peace of mind, safety, and very survival suddenly become dependent on two clever children and one very unusual feline.